Burglar Alarm Installation in Hampshire

Ensure that your property is fully protected with the latest burglar alarm installation. In Hampshire, JTB Electrical is the company to call for quality services that will keep everything secure against unwanted intruders. With more than 50 collective years’ experience, you can always count on us. Plus, our prices are competitive too, so call us today on 023 80 731 575 to find out more.

Your Go-To Company for Burglar Alarm Installation, Hampshire Customers

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with the prospect of intruders, and if your property is not sufficiently protected; it will be left vulnerable. Vulnerable to vandals or thieves or both. For business owners, this is a very real concern and one which mustn’t be taken lightly. Here at JTB Electrical, we hold the solution in the form of burglar alarm installation in Hampshire.

While you could go elsewhere for this service or attempt it yourself, results will likely vary. The system itself may not perform as expected, and some companies may cut corners to slash costs. Or they may charge you a fortune for the same work. At JTB Electrical, we provide Hampshire burglar alarm installation that’s reasonably priced and boasts a proven track record of success.

Plus, many insurance providers require an alarm system be in place that’s been professionally fitted. So, if you don’t want to void your policy, it’s worth calling the experts. You can read more about burglar alarm installation in Hampshire carried out by us below.

Proud to Provide Hampshire Burglar Alarm Installation That Exceeds the Highest Standard

You might have heard about something called a NACOS accreditation. While this might sound like something that’s required, it’s not. As a company, we are not NACOS approved as it’s been shown that the discount offered by insurance companies does not counter the expense of maintaining a NACOS accredited alarm installation. In Hampshire, we opt for a different approach that delivers the same results but saves our customers money.

Wired or Wireless?

While we have the ability to install wired systems, our preference is wireless, as these systems have come on in leaps and bounds over the years. Our go-to system is a Visonic wireless panel as no wiring is required whatsoever for the device itself. A small amount of wiring may still be required for this type of burglar alarm installation, Hampshire customers. This would be for the power supply and telephone point.

Speaking of telephone, this wireless panel comes with an auto-dialler as standard. This is a feature that uses the telephone network to dial a designated phone number when the alarm is triggered. Additional features of this system include:

    • Remote Arm/Disarm with a Handy Key Fob
    • System Can be Moved to a New Address Without Any Fuss
    • Easy Expansion or Alteration of Existing System
    • State-of-the-Art Technology Delivers Cutting-Edge Performance


Keypad entry system for a Hampshire burglar alarm installation.

If you’d like to find out more about this burglar alarm installation in Hampshire, call JTB Electrical today on 023 80 731 575. We’ll arrange a time to visit you to discuss your requirements, complete a survey, and talk you through what we have to offer.

Why Choose Our Burglar Alarm Installation in Hampshire?

With more than 50 collective years of experience to call on, JTB Electrical possesses the skill and expertise to tackle jobs of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to electrical work, safety is as important as the results. Quality workmanship is always guaranteed with us as is strict compliance with health and safety.

Hampshire, burglar alarm installation, as with each of our eight professional services, is carried out by our trained electricians. As members of the NICEIC, our electricians can even self-certify their own work, keeping costs down and ensuring a safe and desired outcome. As a business, we service a variety of markets and are continually investing in new technologies to expand our capabilities further.

As well as this, we aim to provide reassurance to our customers and encourage the sort of confidence that’s served to build our reputation over the years. When it comes to burglar alarm installation in Hampshire, we’re committed to being everyone’s go-to company.

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