Electricians Hedge End

Electricians Hedge End

At JTB Electrical we offer a huge range of services that are available to you but also at the same time the offers spread right across all of Dorset so you can’t possibly miss out on the offers we give to you and all of our customers that we have been servicing for now over a great 1o years and still carrying on high and strong. Our electrician services in Hedge End have been highly rated for many years.

About our company and the services we offer you

At JTB Electrical we have been running now for over 10 years. We originally began with a team of electrical engineers who wanted to not only show their passion off and show the UK our expert services.


The services that we provide here at JTB Electrical

Here at JTB we have a great range of services to offer all of our customers so when you come to us we having everything that you will need from us, of course as well as offering everything we need we also ensure that we offer it all over Dorset so you don’t miss out on what we can offer you all of our services range from Poole and Bournemouth to Hampshire and Wiltshire, all of our staff are dedicated to giving what you require no matter where you are because as our customers you are entitled to the best.

The services we provide to you

Electricians Hedge End

  • Domestic building service and maintenance
  • Commercial building Service and maintenance
  • Industrial electrical design and installation
  • Solar panel fitting
  • Testing and inspection
  • Roller shutter Doors fitting
  • Thermal imaging fitting
  • Lighting Protection fitting and installation

The technical side to our services

Our electricians in Hedge end

As with time we did start out with a small of electrical engineers and throughout the years we have been working, the many years we have been working with you and what we have gained in our overall experience at JTB Electrical our team at JTB have been getting increasingly bigger and better throughout all of Dorset and especially at Hedge end we have managed to recruit some of the finest electricians who are dedicated into making sure that your electricity is made its most effective and its made the safest as possible. Hedge end now to this day has electricians that are very much considered to be a part of the best company throughout the UK, and here at JTB electrical we plan to keep this up for many more years to come as we are getting better by the day. So if you live in Hedge end and you are in need of an electrical service you are in great hands.

Our thermal imaging services

If you are looking to have or already have thermal installed and want thermal imaging then you need to be sure you are investing in to the right tradesman who will not only ensure you are proper finish and will see the results but also to make sure that you are not being ripped off for what you are trying to achieve and of course JTB Electrical offers this completely to you.

For many years now we have been offering companies the use to have thermal imaging so that you are able to inspect the heat temperature such as machines if they are running at the right temperature for it to be working and there are no signs of faults.

However we also do a service where we personally come to you and inspect it all using a videoed CD which will record the high temperatures on the top part of the device. JTB have been too many different buildings and companies where we have inspected all different kinds of machinery and there have been different situations for us and we have always come about in fixing the problem so you can walk away happy as can we.

Our fire and intruder alarms service

No matter if you are home or not having fire alarms and intruder alarms are at the very most the most essential thing to have to ensure the safety of you and others around you. We are able to install a range of  intruder alarms and fire detection systems. So whether you are looking for a main powered alarm with battery backup to domestic system that is fully hard wired with industrial grade system so whatever you require we have the right alarm for you.

The experience we have gained in our services

Ever since we begun we have always said we have wanted to get more people to join us and become more well known all across the UK and for the past 10 years we have been doing this exactly and we are proud to have achieved what we have achieved, we have been so many towns and city and within that too many more customers for homes and for business buildings, we have been and done so much it has truly amazed us in what we have achieved but we plan to achieve and do more for all of JTB Electrical and to all of our customers, we are truly grateful for what we have achieved and we plan to make our services even better.

Get in contact with us today.

If you are looking a technician and you live in hedge end then be sure to come to not only the best but the company who will give you the best results all the time no matter what you require, or if you are looking for another service in a different locations then be sure come to JTB electrical and contact us on 0238 073 1575 or why not send us an email at  info@jtbelectrical.co.uk, whatever it is we will be the best in any service you require.