Electrical Services for New Builds

Are you a new build developer? Or maybe you are a homeowner and having a brand new ‘Grand Designs’ inspired property constructed for you? Make sure you receive the best electrical installation work for your new build, and get in contact with JTB Electrical. We are the number one company for accomplishing all types of electrical work that is reliable and safe.

New build electrical services

During the 50 combined years our company has been in the electrical industry, we have completed over 890 successful installations in the South West. This number reflects how respected JTB Electrical is, and our customers always come back to us when they need additional electrical work accomplished.

“Amazing service. Very polite and helpful. Work done to a high standard. Every effort made to help and make life easy. Would recommended!”

Harry Donalds

Testing and inspection for new buildsELECTRICAL SERVICES FOR NEW BUILDS

Once we’ve installed your electrical services, you need to make sure they are regularly checked, and any maintenance problems that occur are quickly fixed. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to find another electrical company to do this work. At JTB Electrical, all of our electricians are highly skilled at conducting thorough electrical testing and inspections, and performing any mandatory repairs that are required.

It is a legal obligation that every item of electrical equipment is PAT tested at least once a year. If you don’t have the electrics PAT checked regularly; you run the risk of serious damage to you and your new build. Whatever your budget is, we will build a test and inspection plan around that budget. We have several options available, which are detailed below:

    • Pay 100% upfront for installation, with a test and maintenance check after a year
    • Pay 20% of installation and inspection cost, with the additional payments spread over 5 years
    • Pay 25% of installation and inspection cost, with the additional payments spread over 4 years
    • Visual inspection available
    • Full inspection and maintenance service available whenever your building requires it

Select JTB Electrical for all your electrical service needs

At JTB Electrical, we never settle for second best. We are always evolving as a company, and we are constantly developing our methods of performing electrical work that stays ahead of the competitive market. We also manage to consistently stay ahead by testing and implementing the very best in the latest equipment, tools and knowledge.

If your new builds are of the domestic, commercial or industrial nature, the electricians at JTB Electrical are available to work. We have undertaken electrical work for a huge number of clients, such as for the NHS, The Old Bailey, Novotel Hotels, and the BBC. Our clients reflect the high standard of our electrical services, and we have developed an outstanding reputation. No electrical project is too big, too small or too complex for our team; we always perform each job to an exceptionally high standard.