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Are you searching for the most knowledgeable team of electricians, Totton has to offer? Then you need to get in touch with JTB Electrical today, as we’re considered to be one of the most experienced and professional teams around. From electrical repairs and installations to PAT testing and design of electrical systems, we’re with you every step of the way. To find out more, call us today on 023 8073 1575.

The Go-To Electricians in Totton

Here at JTB Electrical, we take great pride in being the company that everyone turns to for affordable, reliable electrical services. This is because we boast one of the finest teams of competent electricians. Totton customers who approach JTB Electrical can choose from any one of the eight core services that we provide, services which you can read a little more about below.

Tackling electrical work without the necessary understanding or certifications can have devastating results. A task performed incorrectly could lead to something as small as an electrical system shorting out or not working. Or it could lead to something more lethal, such as a person receiving a life-threatening jolt, or an electrical fire. Likewise, electrical systems that aren’t regularly checked and maintained, even ones professionally installed, can also prove incredibly dangerous.

Our Totton electricians are your assurance that all of the above risks will be mitigated entirely. We design, install, repair, and test all manner of domestic, commercial, and even industrial electrical systems. By choosing JTB Electrical, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your building and all those inside are safe and that your electrical devices are working as expected.

Electricians Totton Customers Can Count On

At JTB Electrical, our electricians in Totton are on hand to assist customers in a range of different capacities, including:

Electricians Totton

Testing and Inspection

Any commercial or industrial company is required, by law, to ensure that all electrical devices are tested and certified. If an incident occurs as a result of an uncertified device, the business or building owner could be liable, and any insurance policy rendered void. When hiring any of our electricians, Totton business owners will benefit from PAT testing tailored to their budget and requirements.

Our testing services are carried out in full compliance with all current legislation, and a full report will be provided upon completion for your records.

Lightning Protection

It’s best never to underestimate the power of nature. A single direct lightning strike carries enough electrical energy to disable and even destroy unprotected electrical systems. While the chances of a lightning strike occurring are relatively low, it’s best to be prepared rather than take the risk. Our Totton electricians are fully certified to design and install as well as test and inspect all lightning protection systems.


If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way of powering your household that is flexible, low-maintenance, and will help reduce your energy bills; look no further than JTB Electrical. We can design, supply, and install solar panels on your property. Best of all is that any project won’t be affected by ‘Nimbyism’ (which relates to opposition by residents to proposed developments in a local area). Installation won’t be slowed by delays either.

Thermal Imaging

Looking for a preventative fire risk and maintenance measure? Then get in touch with our electricians. Totton residents will reap the advantages of cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, which is a non-invasive way of carrying out electrical testing and inspection. A survey can be completed without turning off the power. Plus, insurance companies now recognise thermal imaging as a valid form of surveying.

Fire and Intruder Alarms

From testing and fixing to fitting security and fire alarms, the only team you need to call is our team of electricians. Totton can opt for either a hard-wired or wireless option, and we’ll ensure that your set up is fully integrated throughout your entire building. What’s more, is that our installations will assist customers in maintaining their NACOS accreditation.

Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial Services

In addition to the above, we can provide the standard services expected of an electrical company. From installing an electrical provision and adding sockets, to designing industrial-grade electrical systems; whatever you require of us, we can handle. At JTB Electrical, we’re the best choice for electricians, Totton has to offer as we can take on projects of any size.

Why Choose Our Totton Electricians?

With 50 collective years of experience to call on, is it any wonder why our reputation is what it is? We’re respected by many throughout Totton and beyond for our exceptional workmanship, unrivalled knowledge, and the honest, friendly approach we take to every job. We’re committed to improving our service further by investing in new technologies and empowering our team through superior training.

We’re proud members of the NICEIC – as you would expect of the most respected electricians Totton can offer. As a rule, we always put our customers’ needs first.

Delivering a high-quality service sits at the heart of everything we do, so you can always trust our electricians in Totton to exceed your expectations.

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