Hampshire Industrial Electrical Services

JTB Electrical provides Hampshire industrial electrical services for properties of all sizes. So whether you are experiencing problems or require a regular maintenance service, our team are here to ensure the smooth running of your property. With 50 years of experience, JTB Electrical has the expertise to provide a full service.

The best industrial electrical services in Hampshire Hampshire Industrial Electrical Services

We have devised our role in the electrical contracting industry to improve investment opportunities that encourage innovative technologies as a way of giving the best to our customers. At JTB Electrical we also have an accredited staff team that adheres to high standards.

We have also invested heavily on quality workmanship in terms of webinars and seminars organised by National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC). As such, we also substantiate our value for industrial electrical services in Hampshire business by being a member of the council. Our wide variety is designed to fit home improvements, commercial installations, new building properties and reactive maintenance, and with our skill set, you are assured of excellent work.

We also possess state-of-the-art equipment that performs in-house construction for all the systems we need. Our products are fully tested before shipment, which ensures our clients have less start-up time on their projects. This is made possible by our specialised testing and inspection stations that have error-proofing capabilities. Our Hampshire industrial electrical services also come with technical training for all our systems just to get things running with each client.

We have developed on-site troubleshooting equipment that serve both mechanical and electrical breakdown. This comes a long way in assisting our process control systems and plays a big role in data collection and reporting on systems. As part of our research for future productions, we consider these factors to develop electrical protective device settings and testing for each product we sell or service we offer.

JTB Electrical features top notch power delivery equipment installation services as part of its robot integration and end-of-arm tooling design. This allows for switchgear maintenance testing, which has significantly enhanced our Independent Testing Origination (ITO).

Industrial electrical services provided

Our expertise has aided us to offer high quality services to our customers in Hampshire. We are a reputable company specialising in domestic electrical services, fire and intruder alarms, commercial electrical services, thermal imaging, and testing and inspection. Our Hampshire industrial electrical services include:

  • Industrial electrical services
  • Solar installations
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Lightning protection

Why Choose JTB Electrical

As a company that strive for technical and specialised engineering solutions, our abilities in Hampshire industrial electrical services are able to combat new and challenging problems in the industry today. We do this by coming up with custom-designed machinery which are very competitive even with high-end systems such as turnkey controls.

As such, we have been able to work with system integration platforms, engaged relevant electric power system studies, and undertake special applications to design and construct equipment that suit different industrial needs.

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