Are you seeking an established electrical company that also specialises in lightning protection? Clients should look no further than our team here at JTB Electrical. We are one of very few companies across the South of England that provide services of this nature. For more information call us on 02380 731575. 

Providing Lightning Protection Across Hampshire 

Not many commercial business owners or residential homeowners think about the risk that lightning poses to their properties. However, it can be incredibly damaging if your premises are affected. By coming to us for lightning protection, we can keep your buildings safe. 

Our Team are Registered and Trained 

Here at JTB Electrical, we have a team of engineers who can test and inspect lightning protection. Not only that, they are equipped to design and install a range of systems. Each installation is certified to the BS EN 62305 standard. 

How Do I Know if I Need a Protection System? 

It is advisable for historic buildings and tall structures to have protection, but there is no set rule. If you are unsure about what type of protection your premises require, then dont hesitate to get in touch. 

Lightning Protection Site Inspection 

If you already have lightning protection systems in place, such as a lightning conductor, we can test and inspect them. We use quality methods in our comprehensive testing service. 

JTB Can Install Surge Protection on All Internal Services such as: 

Below, we have outlined the surge protection systems we provide for various electrical elements in or on your building. 

Electric Wiring Systems 

To protect your lighting and power from voltage spikes, we can install a device that blocks or shorting to ground unwanted voltages when lightning strikes. 

Data Systems

We offer lightning protection to telephone lines, WiFi networks, card payment systems and more! 

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

Why Choose JTB for Your Lightning Protection Systems? 

JTB Electrical engineers are trained and insured to install and inspect lightning protection systems on all building types. From apartment blocks to retail buildings and schools, we can help. As well as expert lightning protection services, we also offer customers electrical advice. 

Get in Touch with the Lightning Protection Specialists

To learn more about our lightning protection systems and services, get in touch with the JTB Electrical team today. You can arrange an inspection or installation by calling 02380 731575. To enquire further about lightning protection, you can also email or fill in our online form.