Lightning protection installers

Are you looking for experienced lightning protection installers in your area? Protect your property from electrical mishaps with JTB Electrical. We are one of the only electrical companies that have a fully-qualified team of installers of lightning protection in the South of England.

What is a lightning protection system?

The most commonly used term by lightning protection installers is ‘lightning rod’ or ‘air terminal’, which is usually the shape of a pointed needle, which acts as a terminal for lightning discharge. This is not, however, the most important component that is implemented by installers of lightning protection. The system has two other parts; the conductor cables and ground rods.

The conductor cables carry the current of the lightning to the rods in the ground safely, rather than allowing them to travel through the building itself, causing electrical damage, fires, and damage to the building’s exterior. The ground rods are built deep into the earth by lightning protection installers, providing the safest path possible for any lightning currents.

What our lightning protection installers can do for you

We can design, install, test and inspect your lightning protection system to ensure the preservation of your property and the electricals within it. All JTB Electrical installers of lightning protection are trained and insured to work at heights such as apartment blocks, industrial units, schools and retail buildings.  Lightning protection installers

Our experienced installers of lightning protection will introduce a system that has a number of benefits for you and your property, including:

    • Full protection of data systems
    • Minimised risk of fire or electrocution
    • Lower insurance premiums
    • Protection of entire electrical system
    • Peace of mind for you and occupants of the building

As well as implementing the air terminal, our lightning protection installers can also provide you with extra assurance by introducing surge protection on your internal electrical such as telephone lines, television, lighting, and power. This means that in the event of a lightning strike, your building can continue to operate with relatively minimal disruption.

All of our installers of lightning protection work to and are certified by BS EN 62305 standards so you can rest assured all workmanship will be completed effectively and efficiently. We are a company of our word, and each of our clients is guaranteed to pay no more than the amount quoted for our lightning protection installers service. We offer FREE, no obligation quotes, so if you want to make an investment in the security of your electrical systems, then get in touch with us today.

Reasons to choose JTB Electrical’s lightning protection installers

Our team of experts at JTB Electrical have over 50 years experience in the electrical industry, making us a trusted provider for all your electrical needs. JTB Electrical’s installers of lightning protection take their electrical work very seriously, and we will implement all systems on your property with the utmost professionalism and care.

We have worked with many businesses across the South West, with over 890 lightning protection installer services being carried out amongst the likes of Holiday Inn, NHS Trust, BBC Broadcasting and Novotel Hotels.

Installers of lightning protection at JTB Electrical pride themselves on being innovative and can work on domestic, commercial and industrial properties to implement the best defence systems in the event of thunderstorms. We will always give quality workmanship and customer service, and aim to provide a competitive and affordable service for lightning protection installers.