Lightning Protection Services

JTB Electrical Services Ltd are one of only a small handful of Electrical Companies in the South of England who undertake lightning protection projects.

We are equipped with knowledge and expertise to not only Test and Inspect Lightning Protection systems, but also to design and install them. Each installation is Certified to the new BS EN 62305 standard, introduced in 2008.

We can also install Surge Protection on all internal services, such as:

  • Electrical Wiring system (lighting and Power)
  • Data systems (telephone lines, WiFi, Card Payment Systems)
  • The Television network
  • This ensures that all internal operations of a building will continue to operate with minimal disruption, in the event of a building being struck by lightning.

Our fully trained engineers install, test and inspect lightning protection and earthing systems which are compliant with BS EN 62305, throughout Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Lightning can cause significant damage to systems within a building if lightning protection measures are not adequate. We can design and install the best lightning protection system to protect your business.

We are trained and insured to work at heights including apartment blocks, industrial units, schools and retail buildings.

Professional Lightning Protection Systems

All our expert engineers are fully trained to install, test and inspect lightning protection systems, offering every one of our customers a comprehensive service.

JTB Electrical Services Ltd offers honest advice and recommends the most appropriate protection for your structure.

No Hidden Extras

We work on a no hidden extras policy which means that you will never pay more than the original quoted price. The reason for this is that we have seen a lot of customers who have been ripped off by rogue traders and others alike that take advantage of customers good nature.

At JTB Electrical a customer would only have to ever pay more, if they actually require more work to be done and this will always be explained and outlined on a separate quotation to make sure that there is no confusion among us or them.

Contact Us

For further information about lightning protection then please make sure to get in touch with one of our staff as they will always be on standby to make sure you get the answers you need.

We offer our customers a free no obligation quote so please make sure to contact us for this.

Southampton Lightening Protection For Your Property

“We design and install Lightning Protection Systems”

Benefits of Lightning Protection

  • Lower Insurance Premiums

  • Full protection of internal Data systems

  • Full protection of internal Electrical systems

  • Peace of mind for Management and Staff

  • Minimisation of physical damage to building structures in the event of a lightning strike

  • Minimisation of the risk of Fire or Electrocution in the event of a lightning strike