Lightning Southampton

Are you looking for lightning Southampton protection services? If so then JTB Electrical are the ones to call. We specialise in protection systems for lightning in Southampton. We are not only qualified in testing and inspection but also in the installation of protection systems. As one of the only electrical companies in the South with a fully qualified team of installers, we are the number one choice for all your Southampton lightning solutions.

How does lightning in Southampton affect you?

If lightning strikes your building, it can cause a whole host of internal and external damage. Tall buildings can be susceptible to lightning strikes which is why it is important for busy offices and other buildings to invest in a protection system for Southampton lightning strikes.

Our lightning Southampton team use the term “lightning rod” or “air terminal” to describe the system installed to protect your building from lightning in Southampton. This pointed needle-shaped installation is designed to act as a terminal for a lightning surge. The rod is connected to conductor cables and ground rods which provide an outlet for the lightning discharge without it affecting your building.

The conductor cables carry the Southampton lightning current safely to the ground without causing any damage to your electrical system. Because the lightning rods are built deep into the ground, they protect your building from fires or other electrical damage.

Our lightning Southampton protection service

If you are concerned about your building being affected by lightning in Southampton, then get in touch with JTB Electrical today. Our team of expert engineers can design, install, test and inspect lightning protection systems for your building. We tailor our services to your needs so that you get the best surge protection for a number of your internal services such as:

    • Lighting and power  Lightning Southampton
    • Telephone lines
    • Wi-Fi
    • Card payment systems
    • Televisions

When we install Southampton lightning and surge protection systems in your building, this allows for minimal disruption to your business in the event of a lightning strike.

All of our JTB Electrical contractors are fully qualified and insured to work at heights such as on office and apartment blocks, schools and retail outlets, and all of our lightning Southampton systems adhere to BS EN 62305 standards.

The team for Southampton lightning and surge protection can provide you with a FREE no nonsense quote and we guarantee there are no hidden extras in regards to cost when you choose us for your installation. We endeavour to give you all of your options for surge protection so that you can make a well-informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

With our wealth of experience and knowledge on lightning Southampton services, we will be able to offer you the best system to protect your building from potential damage.

The benefits of protection from lightning in Southampton

We know that many companies in Southampton reside in tall office blocks that can be susceptible to lightning strikes. Although this can be uncommon, at JTB Electrical, we believe taking precautions are a great investment in your business. All businesses rely on technology such as telephones, computer systems and internet access; all of which can be destroyed instantly if lightning strikes your building.

Our lightning Southampton protection installations are quick, easy and cost-efficient and will ensure your company’s data is fully protected in the event of a strike. Not only that but there is an endless list of benefits that comes with investing in Southampton lightning protection, including:

    • Lower insurance premiums
    • Full protection of internal data systems
    • Full protection of electrical systems
    • Minimisation of external damage to building’s structure
    • Less risk of fire or electrocution

By choosing JTB Electrical for your lightning Southampton protection gives you and your employees peace of mind should an incident occur.

If you already have protection in place for lightning in Southampton but would like the peace of mind that you are sufficiently protected, then we can help. The team at JTB Electrical have extensive experience in the testing of Southampton lightning protection systems and can provide you with a thorough inspection to help put your mind at rest.

Furthermore, if you are unsure if your building would benefit from a lightning protection system then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for a chat. Each one of our engineers is fully qualified to assess and suggest the best form of lightning protection for your building. We tailor our Southampton lightning systems to your needs, taking into consideration factors such as location, the height of the structure, internal facilities and much more. There is no obligation to commit to our services

Reasons to choose JTB Electrical

At JTB Electrical we have over 50 years of experience in the electrical industry and we have built up a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted choice for protection against lightning in Southampton and many other electrical services. We regularly benchmark our services against other electrical companies in the area to ensure we are offering the best service on the market.

We provide both domestic and commercial electrical services across Southampton and the surrounding areas including:

  • Lighting
  • Rewiring
  • Alarm installation
  • Security cameras
  • Electric showers
  • Heating

The list of jobs we can carry out is endless, so if you haven’t seen what you need listed here, then do not panic. If you need a reliable electrician for any job no matter how big or small, our expert team at JTB Electrical will be happy to assist you.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and endeavour to handle all lightning Southampton work with the utmost care and attention. Our electricians can work to your schedule in order to reduce disruption to the day-to-day running of your business and we will always respect your property, leaving it clean and tidy on completion of your lightning Southampton project.