JTB Electrical will provide your property with a complete solar panel system. We have years of experience in supplying properties of all sizes and types with a complete solar PV service. Solar panels will benefit both domestic and commercial properties alike.

How do solar PV panels work?

Solar PV panels are based on the process of solar photovoltaics which is when sunlight is used to produce electricity. Photovoltaic cells are made of semi-conducting materials, so when the sunlight strikes, it is converted into electricity for your property. All solar PV panels provided by JTB Electrical will provide your property with a great source of electricity.

Benefits of Solar PV:

Our solar PV modules offer properties a huge array of benefits like:

Environmentally Friendly

Solar panels will help you reduce your carbon footprint as they are one of the best sources of renewable energy. All PV modules provided by JTB Electrical are environmentally friendly as they are made out of silicon which is entirely benign, and available in abundance. During the operation of your solar panels, no noise pollution or harmful gases will be emitted.

Immediately Available

At JTB Electrical, we guarantee that the installation of PV panels on your property will not be affected by ‘Nimbyism’ or slowed down by planning delays.

Minimal Maintenance

The Solar PV has no moving components and is virtually maintenance free.


All PV systems supplied by JTB Electrical can be incorporated into all types of building, and retrofitted on existing roofs. We have the facilities to fit solar PV panels as part of the building envelope during construction. It can be curved and shaped to the building design.

Cost Effective

Installing solar PV will greatly reduce the overall costs of electricity in your property. The only cost involved is the set-up, but the energy source (sunlight) is free! It is also suitable for properties in grid locations where grid connection is too expensive.

Reduces Energy Bills

As previously mentioned, a roof with solar panels provides your property with a superb power source that will be used to augment your current grid-connected electricity supply. Subsequently, you will notice a drastic reduction in your energy bills.

Many of our customers find that after the installation of our solar panels, their awareness of electricity use helps to encourage energy efficient behavior leading to lower bills.

Why choose JTB Electrical?

At JTB Electrical, we have supplied many properties throughout the country with a superb solar PV panel service. Our services are unrivalled in terms of quality and will provide your property with years of invaluable service.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with complete peace of mind and will work hard to ensure that you are looked after. If you have any doubts about any works conducted on your site, please do not hesitate to talk to a member of staff for more information.

Unlike other companies, we offer our customers a free no obligation quote so please make sure to contact us for this.

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